maandag 27 december 2010

fotos from solar-otark

yesternight we had a performance of joachim badenhorst, starting with clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophone.
it was breathtaking and beautifull.
we made some super nice cocktails:
lime and bubbles - cava with limonchelo made by j.
gingerine - frozen ginger and tangarine juice with rum
liquide jazz - plum extract with smoked tea, honey, mint and rum

we think to make our next research on cocktails! its fun!


donderdag 23 december 2010


liquide jazz and
groovy cocktails

till the rum is gone...

from 18:OO

in atelier solar shop

solar otark day menu

on the menu these days

sandwich with pyrenées cheese and membrillo

sandwich with shropshire cheese and i come (mango) chutney

swedish meatball and red beet salad sandwich

toast tehina

toast marmelade



hot chocolate with bay leaves, lavender and ginger


see you soon!!

maandag 20 december 2010

RESERVATIONS.. hurry, hurry!

dear all

as you know, we will be making three dinners during
our pop-up period in the solar shop -

for the dinner on the 23 december, there are few more seats left
for the dinner on the 28 december there are still seats
but for the dinner on the 30 december we are full...late evening visitors are most welcome


woensdag 15 december 2010

new project before the new year

as promissed - more details about our new project!
in the tradition of solar shop, the space of their atelier with transform into a tea
and lunch room for ten days - from the 21 till the 31 of this month.
we will make cakes and edible cado's, soup and sandwiches, and will serve coffee, teas and wine.
three dinners will be held during this period. the menus are on their way...
happy holidays and see you soon!

zondag 12 december 2010

The last cantina

celebration needs no reason - there is always something to be
happy about, sad about or even excited,
but this time, with our last cantina we feel it is a super nice occasion
to celebrate the experience this has been.
first of all, cocktails!
bloody mary with beetroot, horseradish and lemon
pinapple - ginger gin
jasmine - melon - lime margarita

we want to thank everyone who has supported, tasted or gave their opinion
everyone who volunteered to help us
especially to k. from the roscam who is a lovely lady!

we will be back in january with a special breakfast club
open with love from morning to early afternoon
more details soon!

maandag 6 december 2010

invitations for the cantina

and also
a bit sad, that next week
will be our last
we are planning grand finnale
with great food
lovely people
and super nice atmosphere.
we will start two new projects,
and about this
tell you all

donderdag 2 december 2010

otark and atalier solar shop

starting from the 21 of december, we will creat a pop-up coffee place for the christmass period.
we will cooperate with atelier solar shop, which is responsible for some of the most exiting events in antwerp - from art space to pop-up shop, those guys have a very uniqe approach to design.

the space will transform itself once again into a cosy cabine, with warm drinks, great music and very lovely food.
edible gifts are to be expected, too!

see you all there!

zondag 21 november 2010

otark cantina # 35

last summer in the oxford symposium on food and cookery,
we found some lovely books:
"a honey from a weed" by the lovely named patience gray, prospect books
and a book about baghdad cookery, also from prospect books,
with recipes from the 13 century, lots of recipes of meat and some nice ones without.
the spices and herbs to be used are mint, selerjac, koreander, musterd seeds and lots of sesam oil.
we will make labne from yogurt with a relish of leek, mint and selerjac leaves
pumpkins with nigella seed
turnips with honey, apple viniager and ginger
eggplants with sessam paste and garlic
hard boilled eggs fried in sessam oil with musterd seed and koreander seed
and for dessert: a tart with halva and dates!
do join us

maandag 15 november 2010

otark cantina # 34

all you want is a simple yet rich taste
that will fill you and warm you
and will make you happy
for us, all of that is in the soup...
we made a soup of chesnut, carrot, pumpkin, fennel and tomato
with a vegetarian or an ox-tail buillon.
and it was sweet, soft, and every bite was different
together with the soup we had a pinky quinces butter
our beloved georgian bread
eggplants with dill and marjoram
and a very lovely walnut taart
good night
sweet dreams

vrijdag 5 november 2010

otark cantina # 33

(Graphics by Hadas)

and once again, the smuggling is on, this time from the very north of europe, mighty sweden.

with pine trees and brilliant fish, clogs, mushrooms and vikings we bring you a light meal full of wonders: yellow lentill soup with jerusalem artichock and green green herbs, salty wafels shaped as a heart, gravadlax with lots of dill, orange and lemon, pickled beet salad, sour cream and goat cheese.

and then, from the mist comes the beautifull green princes - the most known and loved by children of all ages - princesstarta! three layers of light cake with raspberry jam and cream, vanila casturd and a blanket of green marzipan...

we wish you all good night and see you on monday!

woensdag 3 november 2010

Otark Cantina # 32

Something new in Antwerp:

just got an email that makes us very happy - a new place to eat vegetarian - ayurvedic food on fridays in antwerpen! it is very nice to know because there are not so many options for ones who choose to be vegetarians, and it is for sure a healthy step in making antwerp a more green and eco friendly city. it makes one think about a restaurant in n.y.c, that serves only that kind of food. it was on spring or prince street, 11 years ago, but the memories of colorfull, fresh dishes are still very vivid! so good luck! we would come to support and eat for sure!

zondag 24 oktober 2010

otark cantina #31

(Graphics by Hadas)

half of us went to walk in the mountains, while the other half is hosting a guest-cook in our next cantina! the guest is s. an italian friend who lives here allready for eight years. she cooks with passion and spark and to have dinner at her place feels like going to a very very good restaurant!! she also offers lovely grappa in the end of the dinners and it is so good!

so this week we will have dinner from the area of venice, we will wear our striped shirts and sing gondola songs and we will serve eggplant which is slow cooked and served with fresh garlic and parsley, then white ploenta with baked andive and balsamico, sardines in marinade of sweet silver onion and a mix of mushrooms and fontina cheese for those who are not fish friendly.

for dessert, panetone, allthough it is strictly a cristmess thing, with powdered sugar mixed with other spices...


donderdag 21 oktober 2010

edible roof top - otark productions and frederik heyman

(Photo's Frederik Heyman)

two weeks ago we made an edible installation
in de brakke grond, amsterdam.
it was for frederik heyman's solo show
we made:
edible tiles for the roof top from speculaas cookies
a body coverded in marzipan blanket
a skeleton made from grisini
bones from grisini as well
and in the stomach of the body was hummus to eat with the bones.
it was a lovely experience!
thank you frederik

zondag 17 oktober 2010

otark cantina 30!!!

our dear friend dieter is here on a visit from london and it is his birthday! do you remember our first birthday edition? it was many weeks ago, and we still have sweet memories from that evening. this time we make less cakes but we made stronger choices that fit to the season - with figs, pear, chesnut, apple and some chocolate balls for the inner child in all of us.

happy birthday!

donderdag 14 oktober 2010

birthday edition # 2

next monday will be our second birthday edition! what does that means? you might ask your self. well, that means lots of desserts this time, more that we always make, and special surprizes to everyone that has his birthday next week!

we will make probably kervel soup, with toasted beloved georgian bread with different tapanade
to go with the bread, and butter.

and the dessert of course...not sure yet what, but it will be great!

happy birthday

see you on monday

menus from the last cantina

dinsdag 28 september 2010

food from the books


this is a fatty, oily substance, made with cream taken from milk and thickend by beating.
all kinds of milk can produce butter. the richest butter, with the largest fat content, comes from goat's milk. the scythians and the paeonians introduced it into greece, hippocrates only talk of the scythians butter. horace and virgil speak of cheese, but not of butter. werther made butter poetical. it was while watching charlotte buttering bread for the children that he was overcome by that fatal passion which ended with a pistol shot.
goethe was right; children like nothing as much as buttered bread, except it is bread and jam.

in a few countries where i have travelled, i have always had freshly made butter, made on the day itself. here, for the benefit of travellers, is my recipe; it is very simple, and at the same time full-proof.

wherever i could find cow's milk or camel milk, mare's milk, goat's milk, and particularly goat's milk, i got some. i filled a bottle three quarters full, i stopped it up and i hung around the neck of my horse. i left the rest up to the horse. in the evening, when i arrived, i broke the neck of the bottle and found, within, a piece of butter the size of a fist which had virtually made itself. in africa, in the caucasus, in sicily, in spain, this method has always worhed for me.

alexandre dumas

from dumas on food, the folio society 1978

otark cantina 26 & 27

(Graphics by Miljan Vukicevic)

to celebrate and welcome the wind, the rain and the grey, we made a meal with home made soft cheese made by miljan, then mashed potato, pumpkin and celerjak, served with a stew of carrot, onion, schalottes, pastinak, bay leaves and girolle mushrooms....mmmm...

for dessert we had a baklava with wallnuts, sultanas, filla, served with yogurt and cream.

see you next week!

woensdag 22 september 2010

this weekend

we are very happy to pressent to you the vegetable zodiac. it started with our friends mieke and veronik from the late 'mieke willems' who wanted an after noon of fortune telling. they had very beautiful tarot cards from andrea ayala, and we came up with the vegetable zodiac.
we also made strong turkish coffee for anyone who was there, took a picture of the cups, and they all recieved an email with their personal coffee stories, to be told by miljan.

this weekend we will join mieke and veronik in their weekend-shop in amsterdam, with the vegetable zodiac and fortune cookies spiced with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper.

dinsdag 14 september 2010

food from the books

"sakes alive!

it's almost five!

it's time to have my dinner.

the outer part of me is fine,

but what about the inner?

from "whiskers and rhymes"
by arnold nolen

otark cantina 24

we just love smuggling. not talking about drugs or humans, guns or weapons, but the good old
alcohol, sausages, bread and vegetables. in some parts of the world, people are carrying big suitcases full of expensive clothes, and in other parts, suitcases full with whatever that remind you of your home. our friend L. brought from normandy for the cantina buckweat flour, honey-wine, vegetables and the knowledge of making the tastiest salidou - a creamy cream of sugar, butter and fresh cream.
coming soon - a recipe for salidou..

otark cantina 23

it is almost almost cold here, and just before the season starts,
we welcome it with open arms:
come nuts, welcome leaves, fresh young roots.
come sunny day with grey sky, come fresh air.
we are ready

zaterdag 11 september 2010

food from the books

"when he bring me the bread basket i see that the rolls are twisted and baked into adventurous
shapes. they bare all faintly and disarmingly zoological in their outlines. i chose one which is coiled likea snail with two horns sticking out. but i could also take one shaped like a sea cucumber or one which is a fanciful rendering of a scorpion in its death pangs.
the body of the bread is yielding like clay, and tastes of mould. the crust is thin, brittle, and yellow, flaking at the merest touch. bad dough badly baked.
the apset thing one can say about the cremonese rolls isthat they are intriguing.
this in itself is already a condemnation, because the job of the roll is to play second fiddle to other more important dishes. the roll should be to the meat what the secretary is to the executive: soothing, aiding, absorbing, and never domineering.
rolls, therefore, should look self-effacing, and when i come across rolls which rivet my attention by their very appearance i am seized at once with grave misgiving.
the rolls of cremona should not be classed under food but under arts and decoration, and treated
accordingly. the wise traveller will no more attemp to partake of them when he would break off and nibble the scroll of a façade."

from the surprise of cremona, by edith templeton, published 1954

zondag 22 augustus 2010

otark cantina no° 21

"azafran" is a spanish word of arabic origin, meaning 'yellow'. the area around la mancha in central spain produces some of the best quality saffron in the world.
we will use this elegant spice in the dessert, but the spirit of it will follow all the rest of the dishes.

we will use almonds, figs, tomatos, fennel and potato - a very well balanced mix of spanish and arabic ingredients.

we have not been really to spain yet, so by cooking this dinner we hope to open a spanish path
of new words, friendships and of course, food.

otark cantina no° 20

zondag 8 augustus 2010

otark - cantina no° 19

this week polenta with lovely pumpkin, eggplant, butter beans and grilled tomato's and mushrooms.

vrijdag 6 augustus 2010


few weeks ago we went for a swim in the north castle in antwerpen. it was a very hot day. we made three circles arround the pond but did not found a place to seat.

instead, we found a huge plum tree with loads of very red plums that were so sweet and so lovely we decide to risk out lifes and climb it.

the result was three pots of plum conserve and two bittles of plum cordial which we had in the two last cantinas.

happy summer, everyone

zondag 13 juni 2010

otark - cantina no° 13 & 14

please join for a summer evening with a hint of mint, for a soup full of tastes and surprises from persia.
have an evening of jasmine and mint, as the arabic saying goes.

zaterdag 5 juni 2010

fotos from otark - cantina no° 11

(Photo's by Chaïm Eefting)

otark - cantina no° 12

from begining of time as we know it, jesus and his miracles, the satan and his cheeky behaviour we tend to choose between good and bad, thinking that this would be an easy choise...

this week we started our journey re-membering janson, a swedish monk from many centuries ago, a man of pride and minimal needs, that got conflicted whether he should take another bite when he tasted the dish that later would be named after him a potato-leek-cream-anchovis dish out of the oven, out of this world...

we will make a devilish combination of choclate and hazelnut, straberies and cream (angelic)

and a vodka with cumin seeds, just to remind us that we all enfold both heavenly and great, together with the notion of hell and animality..

zondag 30 mei 2010