zondag 28 februari 2010

late night harissa

for a brilliant red and soft spicy sauce you will need:

1 kilo of chili peppers (fresh!)
2 Spanish long sweet paprika
1 red paprika (the rounded one)
good olive oil
paprika powder (we used a smoked one)
1 spoon tomato puree
1 spoon nice tasting vinegar
fresh garlic - about 2-5 cloves (to your liking)
spices: (roasted in a pan with no oil and than crushed)
caraway seeds -tea spoon
cumin- 2 tea spoons
coriander seeds - tea spoon
Annis seeds - tea spoon
fennel seeds - tea spoon
3-4 tea spoons of sea salt


i read that some people peal tomatoes with a cooking torch, so we tried it with the chili's - it works like a charm! so all you need is a surface to work on (please do not burn your house!)
and small torch for cooking purposes.
you burn the peppers with no mercy from all sides, and lay them in a small plastic bags for steaming (it gets easy to peal this way).

now get some gloves - it Burns your finger tips otherwise, and start pealing! you can use a small knife for stubborn pieces, and a bowl with water to put the seeds+peal into.
do the same with the paprika's, it is probably better to grill them in the oven or on a grill pan.

put everything in a big dish with holes and let the liquids go out. roast the herbs and crush them. we chopped half of the peppers with a big knife and the other half in a mixer/food processor.
mix the peppers, spices, garlic together and add about half litter olive oil - it's nice and it keeps it from going bad.

a very nice to taste the result is on a bread with butter....


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