dinsdag 23 februari 2010

otark cantina no' 2

(Photo's by Chaïm Eefting)

we are happy to invite you all for our second otark-cantina in de roscam, antwerpen.

we are now detecting recipes for couscous, yesterday we had a nice evening in the maroccan shopping street to look for the best kind of couscous that will be not too thick but not too thin, just perfect.

we bought cinnamon sticks, very funny belt to rub your back when taking a shower, and a beautifull can of tomato puree.

we will make fresh harissa for the occasion!! so exiting!
we will give you the recipy after we found the best one!

anyone heard about alcoholic drink made of figs called bucha? (maroccan) someone knows where to find it?

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