donderdag 29 april 2010

otark - cantina no° 7

boys and girls, senyoritas and mamasitas - we are proud to open the spring seazon with a spanish red liquide passion soup - the zarzuella! we will make our version with lots of different shells from the sea, with safron ajolli and white bread.

please join us and great spring to all of you out there!

(Photo's by Chaïm Eefting)

zondag 25 april 2010

otark - cantina no° 6

pizza, pizza, pizza!

it could be round, it could be fat, it could be thin or with roquette, it could be warm or even cold

with mozzarela or with toad! but we will make it very nice - one with tomato and one with pear

and all the rest you will see there!

fotos from otark - cantina no° 5

(Photo's by Chaïm Eefting)

recipes will follow...soon

fotos from otark - cantine no° 4

(Photo's by Chaïm Eefting)

zondag 18 april 2010

otark cantina no° 5

while above our heads floats a misterious cloud of dust, all we can do is wait, and dream about lovely food. not less misterious and covered by secrets, the recipe for mole poblano is a charm in its own. with hipnotising combination of chilles, sesam, tomatos, garlic, almonds and chocolate, this souce is a serious love potion - do not belive? try it for you selves...

donderdag 8 april 2010

otark cantina no° 4

after coming back from israel, it is only natural to be attracted to a certain taste from there. charlotte is for quite a while now interested in food from jemen, and hadas is a big fan of it, too.

in tel-aviv there is a very sweet place called "kerem hateimanim" and it is a jemenite place.

spice shops, small cafes, and amazing smells are everywhere. the tiny streets are the meeting point for young and old, and if you are a sharp looker, you can see many man and some weman holding green leaves, the gat (or khat).

we will prepair ftut, a rich soup with meat and spices, with a veggie version too, two kinds of stimulating schugs (spicy paste), and a very special paste from chilbe, that sneeks out of our body with a sweet-bitter smell.

i pray for good weather, so we can have more places out side...