donderdag 8 april 2010

otark cantina no° 4

after coming back from israel, it is only natural to be attracted to a certain taste from there. charlotte is for quite a while now interested in food from jemen, and hadas is a big fan of it, too.

in tel-aviv there is a very sweet place called "kerem hateimanim" and it is a jemenite place.

spice shops, small cafes, and amazing smells are everywhere. the tiny streets are the meeting point for young and old, and if you are a sharp looker, you can see many man and some weman holding green leaves, the gat (or khat).

we will prepair ftut, a rich soup with meat and spices, with a veggie version too, two kinds of stimulating schugs (spicy paste), and a very special paste from chilbe, that sneeks out of our body with a sweet-bitter smell.

i pray for good weather, so we can have more places out side...


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