zondag 30 mei 2010

foto's from otark cantina n°10

(Photo's by Chaïm Eefting)

foto's from otark cantina n°9

(Photo's by Chaïm Eefting)

otark cantina no° 11

this monday we will make one big birthday party for all of you who has their birthdays soon or had them allready...
there will be a vichysoise soup with potatos and leeks, served with toasted bread with garlic
and then
lots of sweets to be chosen..
muddy chocolate cake
lime and laventer tart
poppy seed cake
rhubarb cramble
tart tatine
dates with cream
pears with apple cider
strawberries with wine
walnut pies
pavlova with cherries and cream
please join us from 18:30

zaterdag 22 mei 2010

otark cantina no° 10

this week, we will make a homage to all things white.
white clouds with ever changing forms, white socks with no matching pair, white flowers that smells like summer itself, milk, lace and flour, butu theater, kabuki and pantomime
the white of hair later in the years, snow, the color of baby-birds, white china vessels
the color before all others...
we will make:
white gasspacho with almonds
risotto with white asparagus, a recipe we got from our dear friend rico (his nona's recipe)
white roots salad
white chocolate mouse
and a

donderdag 13 mei 2010

otark cantina no° 9

these days it is very rare to get a letter. we are not talking about bills, letters from tax or other formal issues im talking about hand written, self reflecting, letter. in history of literature we can think about many beautiful mail connections and in the 60's, if im not wrong, mail-art was an exiting thing...
we must not forget love letters, and people who are paid to be sentimental, letters from lovers during wars..
if you are lucky, and your grandparents are still in the mood for a long cosy talk, ask them about the letters they recieved througout their life, it
would be surprising, i can promise you that!
this coming cantina we will make brik - a tunisian envelope filled with few ingredients
that will feel like getting a love letter to your
taste buds...
and there will be dessert, too!

fotos from otark cantina n°8

(Photo's by Chaïm Eefting)

woensdag 5 mei 2010

otark - cantina no° 8

the golem, the good soldier schweik, sour cabbage in big barrels, shleibovitza, small narrow streets, kafka, and many more are creating magic everyday in the city of prauge. in the coming cantina we will try to copy-paste a happy beer evening from there to here, with local beers from blond to amber, gold and brown, and small food with big heart...

zaterdag 1 mei 2010

minute made tortilla-press

recipe from otark-cantina no° 5

pumpkin in the oven with palm sugar and sour cream

*this recipe was taken from jake tilson's "a tale of 12 kitchens" - artisan, a wonderfull book for anyone who loves cooking, family stories and food travelling.

*serves 10-12 desserts*

1 medium size pumpkin
palm sugar
juice from one lime

cut the pumpkin and keep the seeds to dry and plant in a garden. cut it to a moon shape slices, and put them in an over tray standing, on baking paper. cut the palm sugar very thin and sprinkle over the pumpkins. heat the oven to 150°, and bake untill soft but not falling apart.

take the liquides from the pumpkins, pour into a small pot, add lime juice and boil on small fire untill it reduced into a syrop.

serve the pumpkin cold with sour cream and a bit of the syrop.

***for a devilish tequilla, mix 1 portion of fine tequilla with half portion of the pumpkin syrop and serve with lime on the side***

recipe from otark-cantina no° 3

georgian eggplant dish

*serves 6-8 as a starter*

5 big eggplant, shiny and firm
1 nice bouket of dill
1 nice bouket of koriander
salt and pepper
oil for frying lots of eggplants
few spoons of honey
2-3 table spoons of apple vinegar
2-3 crushed garlic cloves

for this dish you will need space to put all the sliced eggplant on flat surface with salt on them - to take out the bitterness (that is not there so often nowadays) and the moist.
while the eggplants are resting with the salt, crush the dill, koriander and garlic in a pestle & mortar. add salt and pepper, the honey and vinegar, mix well and add a bit of olive oil to make it more liquide.

dry the eggplants with a clean tea towel and prepair a big flat plate for the fried ones.
fry the eggplant slices untill they are lightly brown from both sides. whenever you have a full plate of fried ones, put a layer of the dill-koriander paste over them. continue untill all the eggplants are fried and coated.

this dish is lovely warm or cold, great with bread and cheese and also as a starter for a gerorgian feest...

recipe from otark-cantina no° 4

fenugreek is a plant widely known in europe in classical times. the botanical name for the species and most of the common european names mean 'greek hay'. the seeds, which are yellow-brown in color, are frequently used in india as flavouring in curries. both in jemen and ethiopian kitchen fenugreek is used for sauces.
we made our version for 'hilbe' which is a foamy paste with great fresh taste of kardamon garlic and tomato.

*serves many meals*

200 gr' fenugreek seeds, soaked over night in water
5-6 garlic cloves
juice from one big lemon
two tomatoes
koriander leaves, one small mountain
kardamon seeds (about 15), without the green shell, roasted and crushed

to start, strain out the water and mix the fenugreek seeds, the koriander,garlic, kardamon, tomatos cut in half, lemon juice and salt to taste. mash it all up with an electric mixer or food procesor untill you have very smooth and foamy thing. it should be a bit sour, salty and very unique fenugreeky taste...

(it has a very nice way to clean the body - few days after eating, the bitter-sweet smell of the fenugreek comes out with our sweat) - a natural deodorant.

recipe from otark-cantina no° 6

semifreddo al miele

a frozen dessert of cream, honey and eggs, great to eat just like that or with chocolate cake, as we served it that evening.

*serves 4-6*

1 egg
4 egg yolks
100 gr' flower honey
300 ml' cream

wisk the egg with the egg yolks and the honey over warm water (au bain marie) and keep wisking untill it becomes light colored. whipp the cream untill it is steady. take the honey mix of the fire, and mix gently the cream with the eggs and honey. pour into a big bowl and let it freeze for one night.