donderdag 13 mei 2010

otark cantina no° 9

these days it is very rare to get a letter. we are not talking about bills, letters from tax or other formal issues im talking about hand written, self reflecting, letter. in history of literature we can think about many beautiful mail connections and in the 60's, if im not wrong, mail-art was an exiting thing...
we must not forget love letters, and people who are paid to be sentimental, letters from lovers during wars..
if you are lucky, and your grandparents are still in the mood for a long cosy talk, ask them about the letters they recieved througout their life, it
would be surprising, i can promise you that!
this coming cantina we will make brik - a tunisian envelope filled with few ingredients
that will feel like getting a love letter to your
taste buds...
and there will be dessert, too!

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