zaterdag 1 mei 2010

recipe from otark-cantina no° 4

fenugreek is a plant widely known in europe in classical times. the botanical name for the species and most of the common european names mean 'greek hay'. the seeds, which are yellow-brown in color, are frequently used in india as flavouring in curries. both in jemen and ethiopian kitchen fenugreek is used for sauces.
we made our version for 'hilbe' which is a foamy paste with great fresh taste of kardamon garlic and tomato.

*serves many meals*

200 gr' fenugreek seeds, soaked over night in water
5-6 garlic cloves
juice from one big lemon
two tomatoes
koriander leaves, one small mountain
kardamon seeds (about 15), without the green shell, roasted and crushed

to start, strain out the water and mix the fenugreek seeds, the koriander,garlic, kardamon, tomatos cut in half, lemon juice and salt to taste. mash it all up with an electric mixer or food procesor untill you have very smooth and foamy thing. it should be a bit sour, salty and very unique fenugreeky taste...

(it has a very nice way to clean the body - few days after eating, the bitter-sweet smell of the fenugreek comes out with our sweat) - a natural deodorant.

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