zaterdag 1 mei 2010

recipe from otark-cantina no° 5

pumpkin in the oven with palm sugar and sour cream

*this recipe was taken from jake tilson's "a tale of 12 kitchens" - artisan, a wonderfull book for anyone who loves cooking, family stories and food travelling.

*serves 10-12 desserts*

1 medium size pumpkin
palm sugar
juice from one lime

cut the pumpkin and keep the seeds to dry and plant in a garden. cut it to a moon shape slices, and put them in an over tray standing, on baking paper. cut the palm sugar very thin and sprinkle over the pumpkins. heat the oven to 150°, and bake untill soft but not falling apart.

take the liquides from the pumpkins, pour into a small pot, add lime juice and boil on small fire untill it reduced into a syrop.

serve the pumpkin cold with sour cream and a bit of the syrop.

***for a devilish tequilla, mix 1 portion of fine tequilla with half portion of the pumpkin syrop and serve with lime on the side***

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