zaterdag 5 juni 2010

otark - cantina no° 12

from begining of time as we know it, jesus and his miracles, the satan and his cheeky behaviour we tend to choose between good and bad, thinking that this would be an easy choise...

this week we started our journey re-membering janson, a swedish monk from many centuries ago, a man of pride and minimal needs, that got conflicted whether he should take another bite when he tasted the dish that later would be named after him a potato-leek-cream-anchovis dish out of the oven, out of this world...

we will make a devilish combination of choclate and hazelnut, straberies and cream (angelic)

and a vodka with cumin seeds, just to remind us that we all enfold both heavenly and great, together with the notion of hell and animality..

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