zondag 24 oktober 2010

otark cantina #31

(Graphics by Hadas)

half of us went to walk in the mountains, while the other half is hosting a guest-cook in our next cantina! the guest is s. an italian friend who lives here allready for eight years. she cooks with passion and spark and to have dinner at her place feels like going to a very very good restaurant!! she also offers lovely grappa in the end of the dinners and it is so good!

so this week we will have dinner from the area of venice, we will wear our striped shirts and sing gondola songs and we will serve eggplant which is slow cooked and served with fresh garlic and parsley, then white ploenta with baked andive and balsamico, sardines in marinade of sweet silver onion and a mix of mushrooms and fontina cheese for those who are not fish friendly.

for dessert, panetone, allthough it is strictly a cristmess thing, with powdered sugar mixed with other spices...


donderdag 21 oktober 2010

edible roof top - otark productions and frederik heyman

(Photo's Frederik Heyman)

two weeks ago we made an edible installation
in de brakke grond, amsterdam.
it was for frederik heyman's solo show
we made:
edible tiles for the roof top from speculaas cookies
a body coverded in marzipan blanket
a skeleton made from grisini
bones from grisini as well
and in the stomach of the body was hummus to eat with the bones.
it was a lovely experience!
thank you frederik

zondag 17 oktober 2010

otark cantina 30!!!

our dear friend dieter is here on a visit from london and it is his birthday! do you remember our first birthday edition? it was many weeks ago, and we still have sweet memories from that evening. this time we make less cakes but we made stronger choices that fit to the season - with figs, pear, chesnut, apple and some chocolate balls for the inner child in all of us.

happy birthday!

donderdag 14 oktober 2010

birthday edition # 2

next monday will be our second birthday edition! what does that means? you might ask your self. well, that means lots of desserts this time, more that we always make, and special surprizes to everyone that has his birthday next week!

we will make probably kervel soup, with toasted beloved georgian bread with different tapanade
to go with the bread, and butter.

and the dessert of course...not sure yet what, but it will be great!

happy birthday

see you on monday

menus from the last cantina