zondag 21 november 2010

otark cantina # 35

last summer in the oxford symposium on food and cookery,
we found some lovely books:
"a honey from a weed" by the lovely named patience gray, prospect books
and a book about baghdad cookery, also from prospect books,
with recipes from the 13 century, lots of recipes of meat and some nice ones without.
the spices and herbs to be used are mint, selerjac, koreander, musterd seeds and lots of sesam oil.
we will make labne from yogurt with a relish of leek, mint and selerjac leaves
pumpkins with nigella seed
turnips with honey, apple viniager and ginger
eggplants with sessam paste and garlic
hard boilled eggs fried in sessam oil with musterd seed and koreander seed
and for dessert: a tart with halva and dates!
do join us

maandag 15 november 2010

otark cantina # 34

all you want is a simple yet rich taste
that will fill you and warm you
and will make you happy
for us, all of that is in the soup...
we made a soup of chesnut, carrot, pumpkin, fennel and tomato
with a vegetarian or an ox-tail buillon.
and it was sweet, soft, and every bite was different
together with the soup we had a pinky quinces butter
our beloved georgian bread
eggplants with dill and marjoram
and a very lovely walnut taart
good night
sweet dreams

vrijdag 5 november 2010

otark cantina # 33

(Graphics by Hadas)

and once again, the smuggling is on, this time from the very north of europe, mighty sweden.

with pine trees and brilliant fish, clogs, mushrooms and vikings we bring you a light meal full of wonders: yellow lentill soup with jerusalem artichock and green green herbs, salty wafels shaped as a heart, gravadlax with lots of dill, orange and lemon, pickled beet salad, sour cream and goat cheese.

and then, from the mist comes the beautifull green princes - the most known and loved by children of all ages - princesstarta! three layers of light cake with raspberry jam and cream, vanila casturd and a blanket of green marzipan...

we wish you all good night and see you on monday!

woensdag 3 november 2010

Otark Cantina # 32

Something new in Antwerp:

just got an email that makes us very happy - a new place to eat vegetarian - ayurvedic food on fridays in antwerpen! it is very nice to know because there are not so many options for ones who choose to be vegetarians, and it is for sure a healthy step in making antwerp a more green and eco friendly city. it makes one think about a restaurant in n.y.c, that serves only that kind of food. it was on spring or prince street, 11 years ago, but the memories of colorfull, fresh dishes are still very vivid! so good luck! we would come to support and eat for sure!