vrijdag 5 november 2010

otark cantina # 33

(Graphics by Hadas)

and once again, the smuggling is on, this time from the very north of europe, mighty sweden.

with pine trees and brilliant fish, clogs, mushrooms and vikings we bring you a light meal full of wonders: yellow lentill soup with jerusalem artichock and green green herbs, salty wafels shaped as a heart, gravadlax with lots of dill, orange and lemon, pickled beet salad, sour cream and goat cheese.

and then, from the mist comes the beautifull green princes - the most known and loved by children of all ages - princesstarta! three layers of light cake with raspberry jam and cream, vanila casturd and a blanket of green marzipan...

we wish you all good night and see you on monday!

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