zondag 21 november 2010

otark cantina # 35

last summer in the oxford symposium on food and cookery,
we found some lovely books:
"a honey from a weed" by the lovely named patience gray, prospect books
and a book about baghdad cookery, also from prospect books,
with recipes from the 13 century, lots of recipes of meat and some nice ones without.
the spices and herbs to be used are mint, selerjac, koreander, musterd seeds and lots of sesam oil.
we will make labne from yogurt with a relish of leek, mint and selerjac leaves
pumpkins with nigella seed
turnips with honey, apple viniager and ginger
eggplants with sessam paste and garlic
hard boilled eggs fried in sessam oil with musterd seed and koreander seed
and for dessert: a tart with halva and dates!
do join us

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