maandag 27 december 2010

fotos from solar-otark

yesternight we had a performance of joachim badenhorst, starting with clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophone.
it was breathtaking and beautifull.
we made some super nice cocktails:
lime and bubbles - cava with limonchelo made by j.
gingerine - frozen ginger and tangarine juice with rum
liquide jazz - plum extract with smoked tea, honey, mint and rum

we think to make our next research on cocktails! its fun!


donderdag 23 december 2010


liquide jazz and
groovy cocktails

till the rum is gone...

from 18:OO

in atelier solar shop

solar otark day menu

on the menu these days

sandwich with pyrenées cheese and membrillo

sandwich with shropshire cheese and i come (mango) chutney

swedish meatball and red beet salad sandwich

toast tehina

toast marmelade



hot chocolate with bay leaves, lavender and ginger


see you soon!!

maandag 20 december 2010

RESERVATIONS.. hurry, hurry!

dear all

as you know, we will be making three dinners during
our pop-up period in the solar shop -

for the dinner on the 23 december, there are few more seats left
for the dinner on the 28 december there are still seats
but for the dinner on the 30 december we are full...late evening visitors are most welcome


woensdag 15 december 2010

new project before the new year

as promissed - more details about our new project!
in the tradition of solar shop, the space of their atelier with transform into a tea
and lunch room for ten days - from the 21 till the 31 of this month.
we will make cakes and edible cado's, soup and sandwiches, and will serve coffee, teas and wine.
three dinners will be held during this period. the menus are on their way...
happy holidays and see you soon!

zondag 12 december 2010

The last cantina

celebration needs no reason - there is always something to be
happy about, sad about or even excited,
but this time, with our last cantina we feel it is a super nice occasion
to celebrate the experience this has been.
first of all, cocktails!
bloody mary with beetroot, horseradish and lemon
pinapple - ginger gin
jasmine - melon - lime margarita

we want to thank everyone who has supported, tasted or gave their opinion
everyone who volunteered to help us
especially to k. from the roscam who is a lovely lady!

we will be back in january with a special breakfast club
open with love from morning to early afternoon
more details soon!

maandag 6 december 2010

invitations for the cantina

and also
a bit sad, that next week
will be our last
we are planning grand finnale
with great food
lovely people
and super nice atmosphere.
we will start two new projects,
and about this
tell you all

donderdag 2 december 2010

otark and atalier solar shop

starting from the 21 of december, we will creat a pop-up coffee place for the christmass period.
we will cooperate with atelier solar shop, which is responsible for some of the most exiting events in antwerp - from art space to pop-up shop, those guys have a very uniqe approach to design.

the space will transform itself once again into a cosy cabine, with warm drinks, great music and very lovely food.
edible gifts are to be expected, too!

see you all there!