vrijdag 25 maart 2011

breakfast club # 9

to-day was the swedish waffle day! they sure
know something about celebrations, if they dedicated one day a year
to waffles...
instead of sending you all postcards shaped as a waffle, we will simply invite you
to come and taste home made waffles with cloudberry jam and cream,
sandwich with home made gravadlax, and a speciall cheese with cumin, that will
be served with the lovely vilmas knackebrod.
be welcome,
happy waffle weekend!

zaterdag 12 maart 2011

breakfast club # 7

hello, goodbye
hello to the spring, goodbye winter
hello new wooden spoon from broadway market in london
goodbye opinel, which was taken from me by the
security people in the train to brussels (in london)
hello to all the flowers in the world
goodbye snow
see you

zondag 6 maart 2011

breakfast club # 6

with the spring in the door
and the sun showing itself, we had a colorfull breakfast today - lovely orange pancakes with
buttermilk and pumpkin, served with ginger cream
and mexican inspired sandwich with tomato salsa, lots of koreander
and avocado, which used to be called "aligator pear" - such a funny but quite truthfull
name for this interesting fruit.
from this week, we sell in our breakfast club the amazing georgian bread
(see the drawing below).
it is baked in antwerp by monks, in a wood oven, and it is possible to place an order by
email, last call saturday noon.
soon to arrive:
granola to take home
have a great week!