zaterdag 23 april 2011

breakfast club #

it is easter tomorow
and if you look deeper into the origins of this holy-day
you would find a celebration to the spring godess,
and to spring it self.

we decided to dedicate this breakfast club to childhood
memories related to easter or pesach
a man made from dough with egg in his tummy,
goat cheese sandwich with dates and nuts paste (harosset)
and two middle east dishes with eggs:
koekoe from persia, a herby ommlette,
and a sandwich from iraq with tahina, egg and a spicy sauce

happy holy-day!

woensdag 20 april 2011

fotos from solar-otark # 2

today is the first day of our spring project with the
solar shop!
we have ice teas, ice coffee, candies and a quiche.
if you are not in antwerp, let me report to you that the weather is fantastic,
people are walking down the street looking happy and dressed up in nice colors
that is great!!

be welcome


maandag 18 april 2011

solar - otark # 2, the opening

dear all,

you are very kindly invited to

the opening of our second project

with atelier solar shop

it is for two weeks, with works by

kevin welslau

hanging string plants by fedor van der valk

and very beautifull and super comfy

rocking chairs by simon Saelaert.


for the opening we will make botanical cocktails

african marygold with rooibos, rum and lime

corn flower with cava and lavender syrop

dill flowers with cucumber, gin and lemon


please join us!


zondag 17 april 2011

solar-otark # 2

did not mentioned yet three other talented people

who will take part in our project.

the drawing is by kevin welslau

and the charming string garden are by

fedor van den valk.

also lovely and very comfortable rocking chairs by

Simon Saelaert.

please join us!

dinsdag 12 april 2011


from nineteen APRIL till seventh' of MAY we will

have a second project with the lovely

SOLAR SHOP in antwerp.


it is a TEA garden, with plants and art, with ROCKING chairs

and lamps, OPEN from wednesday till saturday.


we will make iced tea and coffee, cake and quiche,

with sweet take away's such as

figs and apricots covered in chocolate

greek sesam-honey candy

honey taffy




be welcome!


much more details soon...

breakfast club # 11



but hey, who ever thought that moustaches will become

fashionable again? and yet they did!


this sunday, to mach with the bowtie, we made puffy,

chubby and sweet blueberry pancakes

served with yogurt-cream and honey,

and stormed with white powder suger


we also had a mortadela, mayonaise with baked garlic

and radiccio rosso

and a rye bread with tomato jam,

smoked mozzarela and roof-top herbs


great week everyone!

breakfast club # 10

lost and found

last week we had a sunday special of a french toast

the amazing thing about it - beside of course the nice taste and the lovely combination

with cream and honey




in french it is lost bread

in dutch it is a bread you win

in english it is a french toast

and in swiss german it had again a different meaning...

so funny

and so


good week!