dinsdag 15 november 2011

food from the books


procure a nice square loaf that has been bakedone or two days previously, and with a sharp knife, cut the requisite number of slices, about a quarter of an inch in thickness; place a slice of the bread on a toasting-fork, about an inch from one of the sides; hold it a minute before the fire; then turn it, hold it before the fire another minute; by which time the bread will be thoroughly hot, then begin to move it gradually till the whole surface has assumed a yellowish brown colour; turn it again, toasting the other side in the samne manner; then lay it uppon a hot plate, spread rather less than an ounce of butter over, and cut it into four or six pieces; if three or four slices are required cut each slice into pieces as soon as buttered, and pile them lightly upon the hot plate on which they are to be served, as often in cutting through several slices with a bad knife all butter is squeezed out of the upper slice, and the lower one is found swimming in butter.
warming the bread gradually on both sides, greatly improves the quality of the toast, and makes it much lighter. the butter used should not be too hard, as pressing it upon the toast would make it heavy.
dry stale bread may be dipped in warm water, and toasted gradually before being buttered.

vegetarian cookery by a lady (1886), p. 207

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